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And we are providing a total quantity surveying service to all our customers not only cost estimates but also full priced bill of quantities / schedules, material breakdown, tender evaluation, tenders and tender negotiations.

Quantity Take off / Measurement

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Prepare Bill of Quantities / Bill of Schedules

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Initial Cost Estimate & Cost Plans

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Tendering and Estimating

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Contract Administration

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Project Management​

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Value Engineering

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Payment Advices

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Cost Reports

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Variation and Claims

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Cost Proposal

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Training Programs

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Dear Contractors

Call us for managing your payments and invoices in a proper manner.

We are supporting to all construction related companies to manage their Payments, Invoices, Variation and Claims. We advise to the companies for upgrading their invoices and payment systems and the logs from our experience quantity surveyors. We have expertise for fixing your payments and invoices records issues. We have introduced a good system to manage your all the payment records with a proper payment claims and invoices formats. We have developed inhouse accurate formats to include all your project data for invoicing or payment claim purposes.


Introduce better format for Payment Claims and Invoice for both Client and Subcontractors

Introduce wealthy document control and filling system

Train your Quantity Surveyors for handling payments and claims

Create sample formats for summaries, logs and reports

Subcontract agreements

Establish important clauses and condition into the subcontract agreements

save from your additional cost.

Do you need to know the cost of the house or commercial property that you are going to build?

Contact us to get an accurate cost estimate.

We are dealing with number of Architects, Project Managers and Engineers to get the current and up to date methods and mechanism for our prices to minimize the extra cost that you can save from your additional cost.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

TRU Global Quantity Surveyors providing Quantity Surveying training programs to understand basic measurements skills and relevant industry insights. The training will be provided from the experience senior quantity surveyors and train practical skills where can be applicable for a residential or commercial building. Quantity Surveying is a high demanding area in New Zealand. It is important and useful to have some knowledge about not only on measurements, but also practical experience with handling payment, identifying variations, preparing subcontract agreements etc.

We can develop the skills that is required to maintain project finance according to the controlling of project cost as well as value engineering methods. We can advise you in finding the best study programs in New Zealand colleges and universities. As we are interconnected with many professional institute, TRU Global Quantity Surveyors are supporting most of the trades in the market.

count on us

for Project Management

We are affordable project management consultants who make your life easier! We practice best Project Management methodologies to provide structured processes at the outset for initiating, planning, executing and closing of our customer projects. Adhering to best practices result in reducing time wastage and cost while minimizing risks associated with projects. 

We assure you quality deliverables with our improved staff performance and effective supplier management. Tell us a little about your project and we will define it with smart objectives and create comprehensive plans to establish processes required to monitor and control your projects effectively. Our exceptional service experience will amaze you.

We Specialize With Residential Sports Industrial Commercial Healthcare Infrastructure

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Best Practices

TRU is the best place for practising Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management. We are learning to keep the construction projects running smoothly in the market.

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Quantity Surveyor is the most important factor in the building construction industry. They have an ability to calculate the exact construction cost for the property that you are going to build. manage all costs associated with building and civil engineering projects. A quantity surveyor takes every issue concerning cost, project schedule, and budget into consideration when estimating, planning, and reporting cost data. Their services are not only allow you to have an accurate projection of the costs involved in a construction project, but also allow you to have an effective cost strategist on your team to help lower costs with ideas, options, and experienced advice.

The Client budget is very important to us. Therefore, we can provide variety of services according to your budget which help you to find a solution for your estimating and tendering matters. Our cost is very reasonable, and the services are worth for the money you spend.

You can provide the detail drawings currently you have which you need to calculate the cost or any approved drawings, or sketches. We are dealing with any versions but happy to have at least PDF version that we can easily measure with save time.

We have an experienced team located in different time zones that can be provided a service within a very limited time frame. The time period depends on the size and the complexity of the project, but open to negotiate any possibilities.

We are using an upgraded software to calculate the quantity take off and can be guaranteed for a higher percentage of accuracy. The building industry is always demanding and possible for many changes of the prices at the material and labor rates. Therefore, there is no feasible way to offer a guarantee over the cost estimate supplied but compatibly, with the industrial experience, closely match the current market.

We basically help to prepare cost estimate and tenders via Bill of Schedules which include summaries, quantities and rates. We are complying with all the detail drawings as well as specifications. Therefore, our Bill of schedules are very accurate and detailed which help estimators to price without anything missed.

TRU Quantity Surveyors have lots of connections with the market expertise, and services suppliers. You will get the experience contractors and quality suppliers to build your house or any other property that you are going to build with the budget that you have.

We are not only providing Quantity Surveying, but we included Construction Management, Construction Project Management and Subcontract Management.We can draw your house, or we can build your house, or we can do both for you. We also provide advice for contractors and subcontractor for maintain their payment logs, variation logs and the schedule of payments where struggling with.

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TRU Global Quantity Surveyors is the most trusted and experienced global consultants who provide full range of comprehensive and comparative Quantity Surveying, Construction Cost Consultancy and Estimating, Tendering, Training and Valuation Services to the Construction Industry

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