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TRU is mostly working with residential and commercial projects locally. There are number of residential projects that we are working with include Single stories, double stories, Detached house, apartment type houses, Town houses and Condominium houses etc.. We have completed plenty of projects including newly construction projects as well as renovation projects. We are working with number of architects and material suppliers to get the right design and the prices based on the current market conditions.

Retails, Grocery stores and shopping malls

TRU has a vast knowledge about malls, retails shops as we have completed number of larger projects in the international market especially in Middle East. Most of the completed and ongoing projects are with the government and private owners as it is important to consider branding and consistency.


Restaurant is not only a place where customers come just for dine in, but also expect a total brand experience in a place where they would love to spend  30 to 90 minutes to get away from their daily routines and enjoy a different atmosphere.

As such, a restaurant’s branding is important, and a good designer, architect, or contractor is instrumental to its success. We have good understanding of safety protocols and electrical planning, especially for the kitchen area according to local permits and regulations

Sports Facilities

Sports and athletic types of construction projects can cover or include fitness centres, stadiums, arenas, and even school facilities like gymnasiums and play areas. The structures of these projects are different because they serve a rather unique purpose, and they have a specific design factor which TRU experienced with.

Industrial Structures

Structural building are incorporated mainly with structural steel and we are basically expert with the material calculation and pricing. We have a separate department for structural steel calculation and mainly include factories and warehouses. These structures are for certainly for storing, manufacture process etc. Therefore, need large spaces to accommodate massive machines or equipment, as well as a large number of workers. These buildings may therefore require high ceilings for heavy machinery, large rooms with good ventilation, and anything else that would make it easier to address safety matters.

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We are involved with current ongoing project estimates and provide our valuable Quantity Surveying services for different types of projects.

We have experienced with any type of projects in any stage that we can provide our services to calculate quantity take off and the cost of the project.

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TRU Global Quantity Surveyors is the most trusted and experienced global consultants who provide full range of comprehensive and comparative Quantity Surveying, Construction Cost Consultancy and Estimating, Tendering, Training and Valuation Services to the Construction Industry

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